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Bali Jet Ski Bali Jet Ski Bali Jet Ski Bali Jet Ski
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Jet Ski is one of the most popular water sports by tourists. Much like a motorcycle, acceleration in a jet ski is provided by a hand powered throttle located on the right side grip. By twisting the throttle, the driver can increase power to the motor. Steering a jet ski requires a combination of pointing the front-mounted grips and maneuvering the body. Unlike a street motorcycle, a jet ski often requires significant a jet ski is part water skiing device and part speedboat, with a definite hint of motorcycle during operation. Instead of the traditional propeller or screw motor, a jet ski uses an enclosed gas-powered motor to literally push water out in a jet stream. The best place for water sports in Bali is the Tanjung Benoa beach. Local and foreign tourists love to try Jet Ski at Tanjung Benoa. Specially for the youth will more enthusiast in ridding Jet Ski Bali on open water.

What to brings : Hat, sun glasses, Sun screen, Shoes, Change Clothes, Towel, Camera and Money for drinks.

Jet Sky Price US$ 35/person

Price included:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Short Safety Briefing
  • Medical Insurance
  • Free Using Locker

Hotel transfer :  (Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Kuta, and Seminyak area)

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