Ubud Market Bali Shopping

Ubud Market Bali Shopping
2018-08-02 01:39

Ubud Market is the best market near Ubud region.

Ubud Market, or often referred to as the Ubud Market Bali Shopping opposite Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace and open daily.

Here you can find a variety of unique souvenirs for your stay to Bali such as beautiful silk scarves, beach shirts or Balinese clothing, handmade woven bags, Balinese baskets or hats, statues, paintings, kites and many other handicraft items that are dear to miss.

Most of the items sold at the Ubud Market Bali Shopping are made by craftsmen in neighboring villages such as Pengosekan, Tegallalang, Payangan and Peliatan Ubud.

The location of Ubud art gallery is located in other artisan villages and also located opposite the royal palace which is the center of Ubud itself, making it a shopping place for crafts and souvenirs in Bali.

The Ubud Market has also been used as a backdrop for the Hollywood film Eat Pray Love, which shows where actress Julia Roberts on various characters who walk through stalls frequented by foreign visitors and life in real life. Naturally, bargaining is important if you visit Bali.

The Balinese art market is generally used for the list of tourists because various items sold are usually Balinese and are suitable for purchase by, by others and not available elsewhere.

In the case of the Ubud region, most of tourists' favorite leisure time is easy to walk to the heart of the city, it is possible because the paths are almost past every aspect of Balinese culture and life in Ubud.

Ubud Art Market is one of the relaxing ways, can be reached from the Wana Wanara Monkey Sanctuary in the south, about 1 kilometer from the market.

If you visit to Ubud Art Market do not always have to buy goods sold. Various items displayed from one kiosk to another are things that you cannot get elsewhere, stalls that show Balinese specialties and arts. Look and save at the Ubud Art Market cannot be found in just one day.

So, if you will find items that interest you, you may come back one day to bid or make an agreement to get your goods.

Compared to other major Balinese art markets such as Kuta, the Ubud Art Market can be considered to have higher and larger quality items that are more affordable, but the problem is the very favorable price of these items.

Good to Know about the Ubud Market The Ubud market not only offers Balinese items that are also copied, but is also a universal and international choice, serving a variety of styles, and a variety of accessories and crafts from bohenian style, Africa, to other unique countries .

The items found here also have a higher artistic value compared to the art market like Kuta.

Prices vary depending on your bargaining ability. Bargaining is required and is encouraged as part of pleasure, but politely and with a smile, the heart of the seller in the market will melt and give you what you want.

Before you start bidding, make sure you really want those items, so that the bid process is more focused.

Here you can again bid and know how much the price of the item offered, with the appropriate price, because there are no special prices or barcodes that have been sold on every item.

Bid up to half the price proposed by the seller. Then you start to bid the price

Do not buy anything if it is the first day of your vacation.

Make sure you to find it first and if you do not want to spend money to buy the item.

The market is open every day from 08:00 until 18:00, and some stalls are even open until evening.

The market is divided into two main parts.

The block in the west is the main art market, and the one next to the eastern block is a traditional market that serves daily needs and daily needs.

Hopefully useful, and enjoy Bali sebagamana usually.

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