Visiting To Turtle Island by Applying Bali Driver Private Service Day Tour

Visiting To Turtle Island by Applying Bali Driver Private Service Day Tour
2018-10-20 09:32

Turtle is a rare animal which really difficult to see in that time. Perhaps it is caused by catching that do from the human. Therefore the Bali’s Government start to realize by creating the place to breed.

With the breeding place, the Bali’s Government hopes the turtles can be avoided extinction. That place is named as Tanjung Benoa Turtles Island.

When you are coming to Bali, this place should be obligated to visit Use a Bali driver private service day tour to reach it.

Tanjung Benoa Turtles Island is very reasonable as the place to take your children. Because they can learn a lot of things about animals.

Before entering Turtle Island. You must pay the entrance ticket in the locket. The funds of the ticket will be used as caring for turtles and maintenance of turtle breeding sites. Here you will be accompanied by the guide to explore the turtles, range from the turtle children until the old turtles which are almost a hundred years old may you see in there.

One type of rare turtle as name Chelonia Mydas or Green Turtles are also available in that place. Besides the turtle, that place also has other animals such as the iguanas, bats, and various kind of poultry.

In case you need a transport and a driver to reach there. Bali Waskita Car Charter provides that service be a solution of your itinerary.

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