Travelling to Sanur Beach with Bali Day Tours Driver and Guide

Travelling to Sanur Beach with Bali Day Tours Driver and Guide
2018-10-17 02:13

Bali Island indeed has many the amazing nature view. Range from the mounts, lakes, waterfalls, and even the beaches. Among of them, its beach is the most popular as the tourist objects. In the crowded area like in a Southern of Bali has a lot the popular beaches namely Kuta Beach, Uluwatu Beach, Dreamland Beach, and Sanur Beach. Apply a Bali Day Tours Driver and Guide before getting to there.

Every the beach above has each feature which be the attractiveness for the tourist. Here we will describe Sanur Beach for it. This beach is always crowded for the visitors. When you come first, the clear white sand will welcome your eyes. It seems so beautiful with a footpath in the side. In case you like walking and cycling activities, it is a worth place. Definitely will ease you to getting around in the beach area.

In the morning is worthy time to come in. Because it’s beautiful will appear that called the amazing sunrise. How not! Caused the location of this beach face to eastward. So the sunshine in the morning is very clear looked. Besides that, you also will be provided a comfortable place to witness sunrise that called Bale Bengong. No Wonder, Sanur Beach is often called as Pantai Matahari Terbit (sunrise beach) By the local people. In addition, you may also swim in there comfortably. Caused its wave is very quiet.

The Location of Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is located in the eastern of Denpasar City. From Ngurah Rai Airport, It takes the times about 30 minutes and the range approximately 10 km. In case you haven’t got a transport there. Bali Waskita Car Charter provides the private driver and comfortable transport. So you don’t need to be confused again.

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