Sanur Beach Bali Sunrise

Sanur Beach Bali Sunrise
2018-08-02 06:35

Sanur Beach Bali Sunrise is one of the must-visit beaches, in addition to its location which is close to downtown Denpasar which is located east of Bali Island, you just stay to the east right in the city of Denpasar.

Because Sanur Beach has quite calm waves, the Sanur beach is not suitable for surfing such as Kuta Beach. Because the waves and calm currents are also very suitable for diving or snorkerling tours in this Sanur Patai, from various levels of dive experts can also dive in this beach.

Sanur Beach is also known as the Sunrise Beach because this beach is perfect for enjoying the sunrise in the morning, if you want to see the sunrise Sanur beach is very appropriate to visit, while to see the Sunset of Kuta Beach must be a must-visit tourist attraction.

Sanur Beach is also very suitable for seeing the beach because it is very beautiful and just right.

Along Sanur Beach there are also many small halls that can be used as a place to rest while waiting for the sunrise.

Sanur Beach Bali Sunrise is also very suitable for children to swim because the waves are relatively calm, so it can be used as a libura destination with the family as well.

Sand on Sanur Beach is a brownish white color that is perfect for those of you who prefer a beach that looks cleaner.

Along the coast there are also a row of traders who sell various foods and soft drinks that can be your choice when thirsty and hungry.

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