Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Bali
2018-08-03 01:29

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary at Ubud also known as Mandala Suci Wenara Wana or Monkey Forest Ubud is a wonderful place to visit in Bali because the shade of this place is so amazing, there you can felt the great sensation of the jungle and off course you can see a hundred of a monkey at there.

The cool thing you can do at there is like feeding the monkey, play with a monkey which is that is so fun experience and unforgettable memories.

At Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Bali you can walk around and see the unique temple of Balinese people at there, sometimes you can feel the spiritual and mystic.

All the jungle color is quite green, as long as you can see the green color of the tree will make you calm and comfortable to stay a long time here.

This sacred monkey forest Ubud Bali is a suitable place to visit in Bali Island.
In Bali Island, there is three famous place which is a lot of monkeys live there.

The first is Uluwatu Temple, the temple where is standing sturdily on the top of the canyon.

The second is the Sangeh Monkey Forest which is nice to visit too.

And the last is, of course, the Monkey Forest Ubud. Please come to Bali and enjoy the sensational feeling which is can not you get to another place like Bali.

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