Rent Car with Driver in Bali for Travelling to Campuhan Ridge Walk

Rent Car with Driver in Bali for Travelling to Campuhan Ridge Walk
2018-10-18 09:47

Ubud Village has known enough popular among of the tourists around the world. How come! This one of the villages in Bali provides numerous the selection of tourism objects which can be included to the list of your itinerary. Starting from the soothing and historical places, art traditional market, unique galleries or museums, and attractive resorts or restaurants are in Ubud. 

The area of Ubud is very wide. Hence, you should rent a car with driver in Bali for shortening a time on the trip.

Do you know? Ubud ever is a filming place for one of Hollywood film that titles “Eat, Pray, Love”. That film tells a story about the life journey of a writer (starred by Julia Roberts) in 2010. The most of spot in that film are located in Ubud. One of them is Campuhan Ridge Walk.

Its location is so easy to found. From Ubud palace, follow Ubud main road to the west until you find a small street in the side Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Spa (in the north of the road). You can get into that street.

In case, you are staying in the south of Bali, Bali Waskita Car Charter may accompany there.
The thing which makes Campuhan Ridge be distinctive is its location between 2 rivers namely the Oos river and Cerik River. Its view that are offered definitely really miraculous.

Other special things, it offers the track that distance about 2 km and seem so neat with an arranged paving thereon. Few interest activities like jogging, cycling, or just relax are so reasonable done in this ridge.

The right time for visiting is in the morning while jogging, the sunrise will be looked on the eastern sky and morning dew on the grass would make you be excited. Let alone a cool air which can increase your gratefulness to The Creator.

Moreover, if you have an activity in the morning. Don’t be worry, causes it’s the beauty of Campuhan Ridge Walk in the dusk is still felt. a wonderful sunset on the western sky would complete your day.

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