Rent a Bali Awesome Driver and Tour Guide to Jati Luwih Terrace

Rent a Bali Awesome Driver and Tour Guide to Jati Luwih Terrace
2018-10-17 01:06

Want to enjoy the rural ambience in Bali? Now, it’s time for you visiting Bali. Caused it does not only provide the beautiful beach but also provide a few the quiet villages and definitely has the rice field area. Your fatigue will disappear when coming in there. You may hire a Bali awesome driver and tour guide for reaching it.

One of them is Jati Luwih. It is an area which offers a rice field scenery as its superiority. How not! In this Village have a rice field area about 636 hectares. It’s imagined how amazing that village. The most of villagers in there are still livelihood as farmers. Hence its rice field is still kept.

The rice field in this village is more special than others rice field in Bali. Because it has the biggest amazing terrace shape in Bali. Like in others rice field in Bali, the farmers of Jati Luwih also apply The Subak System as its irrigation system. You will also find the temple in around area cause every the subak organization has each the temple for worshiping the Goddess of prosperity or fertility.

This wonderful rice field is located in Penebel area, Tabanan Regency. If departing from Denpasar City. It is required the time about 1 hour 30 minutes and the range approximately 50 km. It is indeed far enough. Furthermore, you should rent a car and transport service. Bali Waskita Car Charter can help you with it. By the amazing drivers, your trip certainly will be fluent.

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