One Day Tours Bali Price Driver to Bali Butterfly Park

One Day Tours Bali Price Driver to Bali Butterfly Park
2018-11-09 09:36

The butterfly is a lovely animal which be rare to found in that time. Perhaps it’s caused by the flower plants is little encountered. This animal prefers to live in a flower area because the nectar flowers are the most wanted thing.

Its beautiful form make them always be objects for the photography. Besides that, the animal which falls into this insect category certainly decorate the nature area.

Although, it’s called rare but you may visit to Bali Island for meeting with the butterfly. Bali Island provides a few the butterfly park as its tourism objects. One of them is Bali Butterfly Park.

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Bali Butterfly Park is located in Wanasari Area, Tabanan Regency. It’s very suitable to come while visiting Tabanan Jati Luwih Terrace.

This park is opened at 08.00 – 16.00. However, 10.00 o’clock is worthy time to come here because the butterflies prefer to appear in that time and fly to look for the flower nectar.

You will see a lot of butterflies in this park easily. Along sight, your eyes will be spoiled by the colorful butterfly which fly among the flowers. Sundry of the butterflies and flower plants are provided here, and even the rarest butterfly kind that names “Omithoptera Paradisea” be also available.

For avoiding its run out, this park install the filter in every wall side part. That filter is rather transparent, so the visitor can see the butterfly freely. The camera is a required item which you must bring during visiting there.

The elegance of butterfly with beautiful and colorful of the flowers will be right as your shooting objects and decorate your Instagram page.

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Besides the butterfly, others insects such as the bees, the scorpions, and the spiders can be found in this park. Therefore, this park is very reasonable to be visited with your family especially your children. They can learn more about the insect in this park.

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