Bali Tour Package Transport And Driver

Bali Tour Package Transport And Driver
2018-08-03 08:05

Enjoy Bali Tour Package Transport And Driver Together With Bali Waskita Tour

            Bali has a wonderful view. The great beautiful land in Indonesia. Bali is famous not just because of its view, but also its culture and people. If you want to travel to Bali, you can go with Bali Waskita Tour. It serves you anything you need when traveling includes Bali tour package transport and driver. Don’t worry if you don’t have car or you don’t bring your car, Bali Waskita Tour gives you the best facilities for your transportation. This is the benefits of renting a car and driver with Bali Waskita Tour.

  1. To Rent a Car

            Renting a car with Bali Waskita Tour is very great moment. Imagine, touring around Bali with private car. It will be so comfortable. We know your needs that’s why we serve you the best to present you a rent car. So, you can bring your family or friends feel comfortable and enjoy the moment. Below the price of renting a car with Bali Waskita Tour.

  • Toyota Avanza

If you rent toyota avanza, you will pay USD 40/10 hours. Maximum capacity of passenger is 6.

  • Toyota Kijang Inova

If you want this car to accompany your touring. You just need to pay USD 55/10 hours. Maximun capacity of passanger is 6.

  • Suzuki APV

And the last type of car we offer is Suzuki APV. To rent this car you need to pay USD 40/10 hours.

For all three kinds of car , if you book more than 3 days, you will get the bonus. We will pick you up free from airport. You also need to know, the price above includes tax and service. And if the time is over, you will need extra charge  USD 5/hours. Furthermore, we serve you the best, so you can enjoy your holiday comfortably and you can enjoy Bali island, wether it is in popular place or hidden place in Bali, we will accompany your tour and travel with Bali tour package transport and driver accompanied by Bali Waskita Tour.

  1. Professional Driver

            If you rent a car in Bali Waskita Tour, that  will include english speaking driver, fuel, and parking free. One package to rent a car, make you can save your money more. Besides that  you also need to know that no deposit  required, so you must pay in cash. If you have foreign currency, it will exchange based on daily exchange rate.

 Our professional driver can accompany you to surround Bali. They will guide you professionally because they know Bali well and they will show you the best destinations for your great holiday based on your itinerary.Bali Waskita Tour will give you the best experience in Bali with our kind and friendly driver. They are  qualified experience to drive car well and to guide tourist in Bali, so don’t worry about your vacation It will be nice and perfect with Bali tour package transport and driver.

            If you are interested go with us to surround Bali, you can contact us in here Make sure that you will never regret to choose us as your traveling partner.

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