Bali Tour Driver and Transport Service Assist You Get Away to Zoo in Bali

Bali Tour Driver and Transport Service Assist You Get Away to Zoo in Bali
2018-09-24 07:25

When the holiday arrives is the most awaited thing for the children. Certainly, they will desire go to an interest place for spending their time. You may attempt to take them to place where they can play and learn anything such as Zoo.

Zoo is one of suitable place to have recreation with your children. It generally offers various type of animals. Range from cute animal until wild animal you may see in the zoo. With it of all definitely make your children feel glad and get a new knowledge regarding animals. Bali island has several the zoo that is feasible to you visit. Before have recreation, make sure you use Bali Tour Driver and Transport Service to save your money. Below a few of them.

  • Bali Zoo Park
    This zoo is located in Gianyar Regency exactly at Singapadu Village. Bali Zoo Park has an area around 12 hectares and inhabited about 100 types of rare animals like the reptiles, birds, mammals, and so on. Wild animals such as the crocodile, tiger, snake, and many more, you may see in behind of the fence. Moreover, Komodo or the biggest lizard (which only can be found in Indonesia) are available in this zoo.
  • Bali Bird Park
    From its name, We have known this zoo offer many various kind of birds. It is also located at Singapadu village, Gianyar Regency. It has an area approximately two hectares and you may look around 250 species of bird here range from the species of birds which come from Indonesian, African, and even South American. One of rare bird which is available in this place, namely Bali’s Jalak Bird. Besides that you may get around to look various type of tropical plants that number around 2000 types. If you get curiosity about bird breeding process. It may be answered here and surely educated for your children.
  • Bali Butterfly Park
    At the present time, probably we get difficult to see the butterfly especially in the city. However, you can visit to Bali Butterfly Park which are located in Wanasari Area, Tabanan Regency. It was built with the intention of conserving the butterfly that is becoming rare for seen. Look the butterfly which fly among the flowers is the most wanted amazing moment by the visitor. Beside the butterfly, various kind of insects can be seen in this zoo namely: The Tarantula, Scorpion, Beetle, and etc.
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park
    Bali safari and Marine Park is the biggest zoo in Bali which has an area about 40 hectares. It is also sited in Gianyar Regency exactly at Prof Ida bagus Mantra Highway. There are around 60 species and 400 animals in this zoo. Some rare animals are also may be looked here as White Jalak Bird, Sumatran Tiger, Tapir, and other Indonesian endemic animals. Moreover, this zoo also offers a different experience during seeing the animals. You may get around apply special vehicle which provided directly by the manager.

Maybe the list of zoo above can be a suitable place for your children. Before you plan to have recreation with your children. Make sure you choose a comfortable transportation and driver. But, you don’t need look far for both of them. Bali Waskita Car Charter has prepared a transportation and professional driver for you.

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