Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver Service to Uluwatu Temple

Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver Service to Uluwatu Temple
2018-10-26 09:58

Temple is a holy area as the place to worship The God for the Hindus. Every the temple of the Hindus normally has each attractiveness and characteristics. No wonder, it frequently be as the tourism destination for the tourist.

One of the most popular place as a temple tour is Bali Island. The majority of Balinese People is Hindus and every village in Bali normally has at least three temples namely Dalem Temple, Puseh Temple, and Desa Temple. Furthermore, no wonder it’s also known as a thousand temple. The temple in Bali that is often visited by the tourist namely Sad Khayangan Jagat Temples or the six magnificent main temples. Before visiting, you may apply Bali Private Tour Guide and Driver Service. One of Sad Khayangan Jagat Temple is Uluwatu Temple.

The Attractiveness of Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is a distinctive and holy area That temple is placed on the coral rocks. Hence, It’s named Uluwatu that means on the peak of coral rocks. That coral rock has the height approximately 97 meters.

Besides look the splendour of its temple Building. The area of the temple is tremendously worthy be created as the spot to witness the sunset. Therefore, you may come in the dusk and don’t forget to bring the camera. Cause you will come vainly if don’t capture that beautiful moment.

Not only that, at 18.00 – 19.00 you may also watch the performance the Kecak Dance in this holy complex. This dance is staged in the group that consist of about 70 peoples and narrate the story of Ramayana. Kecak dance really different of others Balinese Traditional dances caused it has no the Gambelan instrument as its complement.

The Location of Uluwatu Temple

That wonderful temple is located Pecatu Village, the South of Kuta area, Badung Regency. As you plan to have a vacation to there. Bali Waskita Car Charter offers the private driver and transport service. So, you should not be confused to look for the transport.

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