Bali Local Driver Private Tours Service Day to Lebih Beach

Bali Local Driver Private Tours Service Day to Lebih Beach
2018-10-25 10:10

The beaches on the feet of Bali Island is indeed excellent. The travelers are generally glad to spend their holiday times in there. Start from just sunbathing, swimming, playing the watersport, or even sitting back to witness the sunset or sunrise. Because the location of that beaches is rather near to the airport make that beaches always be the first choice by the tourist who arrives in Bali Island. Bali Local Driver Private Tours Service Day is the reasonable recommend before going there.

Almost the beaches in there offer the white sand as its attractiveness. It is tremendously different of the beaches in Gianyar Regency. The majority of the Beach in Gianyar provide the black sand as its trademark. If you have a plan to see it, then we recommend you attempt to visit Lebih Beach. It is a distinctive beach in Gianyar.

The Uniqueness and the Facilities

Before entering the beach area, you are indubitably required to pay the parking cost. Because it is opened for the public then you don’t need to buy the ticket. Along the parking area, you will see a lot of the street vendors who offers the Bali special souvenirs. It is very cheap and maybe need to you have. The sound of wave can also be heard from this area.

When arriving on the beach, your foot may feel the softness of its black sand. The colorful traditional boat of the fisherman is also looked and decorate along of the coast. Besides that, you will also see the retaining rocks which is used as a seat to relax by the visitors. Meanwhile, that retaining rock is established by the dweller to avoid of abrasion.

Moreover, there are also many the food stall in around the coast that offer various kind of seafood. Enjoy the dishes while relax in the beach ambience naturally will be fantastic. Even less its price is cheaper then a dishes price in the restaurant. It will never your money run out.

The Location of That Beach

That Beach is sited at Ida Bagus Mantra Highway, Lebih Village, Gianyar Regency. It requires time about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai Airport. In case you are staying in the southern of Bali. You may apply Bali Waskita Car Charter as the driver and transport service to accompany your trip. Get a fun and different travel with us.

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