Bali Driver Private Service Day Tour to Puri Lukisan Museum

Bali Driver Private Service Day Tour to Puri Lukisan Museum
2018-11-09 15:33

Museum is a place that keep and provide assorted of unique and historical items. Generally, the items which be kept in the museum has high artistic value and it’s surely an artwork of famous artists.

One of the popular destination in Bali that name Ubud Villlage. Not only has the wondrous nature spot but also has a few the popular museum namely Arma Museum, Neka Museum, Antonio Blanco Museum, and Puri Lukisan Museum. One of them should be visited when coming to Bali Island with Bali Driver Private Service Day Tour.

Especially in this page, we’ll describe Ubud Puri Lukisan Museum. This tourist objects is called as the oldest museum in Bali and really appropriate for you who are interested to watch the old Balinese art and culture. Its location is very near of popular Ubud destination such as Ubud Palace and Ubud Art Market exactly at Ubud Main Street. So it will be easy to found.

This museum is opened every day at 09.00-18.00. Maybe you can witness a sunrise first in Campuhan Ridge Walk before coming here.

There are the four buildings in this area as the point to see the artworks. Every the buildings offer the artworks with each characteristics. Most of the artworks in this museum have the shape of paintings. It’s an artwork by Balinese Artist with Balinese traditional and modern style. Those styles are Batuan Painting Style, Sanur Painting Style, and Ubud Painting Style, and many more.

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Besides the paintings, this museum also display a few wood carving arts. Hence, it’s very appropriate for the appreciate arts. Even less, its buildings offers a Fabulous Balinese Style and also rural typical green nature. You will not regret visiting this tourism object.

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