4 Days 3 Nights Bali Honeymoon Package

4 Days 3 Nights Bali Honeymoon Package
2018-08-03 07:40

Bali Honeymoon Package for You Who are Romantic Couple

Bali is not just the beauty of sunset and sunrise that  won’t make us sleep. That makes us regreting the time passing so fast. But Bali is also the most romantic place on earth. Romantic in almost all aspect of life, night and day, indoor or outdoor.  The place for the most precious and unforgetable moment of love, honeymoon.

But wedding is  a hectic moment for us. The preparations and the ceremony itself are very exhausting. How could we arrange a trip to Bali? Booking plane tickets, arranging transportations from airport, reservasing hotel and restaurant, etc could be more stressing even just thinking of that. The trouble could be double or even triple for the couple that never been steping their feet in Bali.

Thanks god it’s the internet’s age.The world, including Bali is in our palm. All we have to do is just visiting travel agent website like www.baliwaskitatour.com. Travel agents like this offering all traveling package we need including Bali Honeymoon Package. Some agents also organizing this traveling with the wedding that ease the biggest problem of the wedding and could make the couple smile even wider.

How about the price? It could be the real problem for some people because they just spent a lot of money for wedding ceremony. Bali Honeymoon Package are very flexible. There are several option with different time schedule and price tag. From one day and two nights until more than a week with economic until luxury package.

All the package offered at Bali Honeymoon Package usually including this list.

  1. Transportation from and to closest airport.
  2. Daily breakfast and or lunch
  3. Romantic room at the special hotel, villa, homestay, etc
  4. Traditional massage or spa at the most recommandated spa
  5. Wecome drink when arrive at the hotel
  6. Special dinner with romantic environment including candlle light
  7. Discount card or free voucher to shop at nearby stores
  8. Discount card or free voucher at nearby cafes or and restaurants
  9. Romantic room decoration
  10. Romantic floral decoration on the bed
  11. Free internet wi fi all the time around the hotel or villa
  12. Stand by car and driver to deliver to any recomandated spot in Bali
  13. Honeymoon cake as arrive at the hotel or villa
  14. One time flowers bath especially at the first night
  15. Fresh fruit and cookies that re stocked everyday
  16. Yoga or fitness access and session at nearby fitness centre
  17. Several free soft drink or mineral water for the happy couple

The service at 4 Days 3 Nights Bali Honeymoon Package program could be different on each travel agents. It could be more and less depend on the hotel or villa policy, the package you choose, and of course the price you choose. But these differences are not that big when you get there. Bali it self is the most romantic place to spend your honeymoon. No matter how long you have been there, you just want to be there for more and more.

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